Price: INR 16,000
Product Code: M20


I live my life, day by day
I live it proudly, anyway
I’m able to love, I’m able to dream
I’m able to make you; yes I’m able to be free

It is a relaxed day and you are attending a friend's party, an affair with throngs of trendy people drinking champagne. You make an entrance wearing these shoes, and you are taken for someone with class and taste. The shoes soon become a topic of conversation, and you amusedly accept the compliments, while reaching out for a glass of bubbly.

* The woody ochre corduroy leather has the element of a laid-back air. The blue-checkered printed leather adds a smooth contrast to the slip-ons, which can be worn to a relaxed affair.

Shoe Attribute
Genre Slip-on Shoe
Upper Material Woody Ochre Corduroy Leather, Blue Checkered Leather
Lining Tan Napa Leather, Navy Blue Suede
Sole Leather
Lace -
Where to wear Brunch, Derby