Designer's Note








He strode out of his walk-in closet, fastening the edge of the cuffs of his crisp shirt. Taking a sip of the finest single malt that sat religiously on a teak wood table in his room, as it did every evening, he pondered over which pair of shoes to select from his handsome collection. He smirked to himself as he slowly opened one of the several shoe boxes he'd come to own, and looked down in awe. This is the pair, he thought, with a fair amount of certainty.

He enjoyed himself that evening. He had been surrounded by all his women, who hung onto his every word with excitement. Yes, he is a smooth talker, successful, respected and admired, with the whole world before him. But there's one thing makes him go weak at his knees, a pair of Achilles' Heel.

Achilles' Heel is a mix of everything modern, stylish and chic. It is crafted with such precision, that every man yearns for it and wants nothing more than to possess more of it. Every collection is an eclectic mix suited for any occasion. The colors and hues add character to the shoes, aiding to enhance the overall look of the giovane mondano. The shoes are a symbol of style, individuality, and break away from conformism. So put your best foot forward by donning a pair and see for yourself!










Ad Campaign Images: Vikram Bawa

Creative Product Images: Raj Shetye

Other Product Images: Ashish Gurbani, Vinit Bhatt and Samir Relia